Recipe: Baked Acorn Squash with Cranberry-Orange Compote
Indian dessert celebrates brightness of Diwali
Brining makes for a moist turkey
Recipe: Sweet Potato Spoonbread
Edamame Quinoa salad can be used as side dish or entree
Beerman: Denmark delivers by Udder Means
Recipe: Warm Pumpkin-Bourbon Cheesecake
Chefs, growers explore use of marijuana in gourmet dining
Quesadillas, a quick and satisfying dinner for kids and adults
Fall vegetables perfect for roasting
California wineries, wine with a scenic view
Frozen bulletproof coffee is creamy without the cream
Craft beverage summit explores future of industry
Living off the land
Weekend Life, Oct. 8, 2016
Brew U combines beer, education at CIA
Day tripping in Ulster County
Worth the visit
Recipe: Turmeric Latte aka Golden Milk
Chicken with spinach in cream cheese sauce
Tiny but distinctive, microgreens more than a garnish
Break your take-out routine with easy chicken tikka masala
Gefilte fish is here to stay
Home-baked pie will brighten up even a cloudy day
Recipe: Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup
Recipe: Date and Cardamom Cake with Coffee Frosting
Wine: A Chianti sampling
A bit of acid and fat do wonders to amp the flavor of fish
Cookbook spotlights healthy, fast, plant-based dishes
Party like you mean it this Super Bowl with homemade jerky
Session beers: More flavor, but less buzz for the Super Bowl
When it comes to your health, you are the best advocate
Aroi Thai Restaurant satiates body and spirit
Dining review: Queen City, small plates reign here
CIA pop-up restaurant features 'plant forward' fare
You need this one-pan approach to getting dinner done fast
Bits & Bites
10 wines you have to try this spring in NY
Dining review: A Tavola presents local ingredients
A warm chicken curry dinner for a cool, wet spring evening
Best of the blogs: Barley's Angels pairs with local area well
Beer Man: Sweet, floral Helles Lager is a sensory treat
Craft beer industry soars in area, in NY
Rye is rising: A new whiskey trend that goes with the grain
Wine: Wines suitable for cooking and sipping
Porcini mushrooms give black bean burgers an earthy depth
Bits & Bites
Yobo still delivers tradition
VIDEO: Dietary restrictions make meals a battle
Gluten free at summer camp
Don't doom yourself to bland egg white omelets. Spice it up!
Dining Review: Tito Santana Taqueria
Winery opens as summer nears
Small plates a good choice for palate, waistline
Craft breweries increase locally, nationwide
Dining review: Bistro is an intriguing mix of flavors
Fava beans: They're long overdue to make their mark in US
Give Dad what he really wants _ a seriously robust sandwich
A meaty meal for Dad that isn't just another grilled steak
Make the most of grill season by grilling most of the meal
DIY lamb chops with heavy hitting spice rub for Father's Day
White Rhone wines are worth exploring
Aladdin Cafe, exotic and enticing
Eat in, take out, Clinton Cheese and Provisions a tasty stop
Dining review: New Paltz's Bacchus an eclectic mix of food and drink
No local lobster handy? Get a lobster roll fix with shrimp
Comparing three pinot noirs
This Fourth of July, why not try a South African braai?
A fresh take on July 4th salads
Beer, Bourbon & Bacon offers foodies chance to indulge
Distilleries boom in NY as Hudson Whiskey turns 10
VIDEO: CIA's Menus of Change attempts to solve issue of food sustainability
Crank up the flavor for a better turkey burger
VIDEO: Beer, Bourbon & Bacon survives the rain
Great potato salad comes down to how and when you season it
Bits & Bites
Pigs get off the hook for these summer-friendly grilled ribs
The classic macaroni salad, not updated even a little
Fish, vegetables can make tasty additions to next barbecue
NY maple syrup production hits 70-year high
Recipe Rx: Pickling salt substitute
Four Languedoc wines to try this summer
Merger of Stop & Shop, Hannaford concerns local customers
Fine dining, worth the drive
A steak that keeps you firmly in the produce aisle
Cut summer pies down to size _ single serving size, that is
Grill watermelon cutouts for festive Fourth fare
Doing the impossible -- Improving on strawberry-rhubarb pie
Vinegars you need to finish the dish right
Bits & Bites
Making a richer corn chowder with help from sunflower seeds
A healthy dish to balance out all indulgences at a barbecue
Shortbread-style biscuits perfect for festive Fourth
Bugaboo Creek closed, Golden Corral to open on Route 9
Let others worry about the burgers, you focus on the sangria
Spiral cutter puts a healthy twist on french fries
Bits & Bites
Bryan Voltaggio: Get comfortable with new take on home food
Chill out this summer with a cooling Indian mango lassi
VIDEO: Vinegar festival brings medieval tastes to Dutchess
Savor the many flavors of zucchini
Lighter craft beer refreshes amid summer heat
Top prices for big names encourage folks to explore lesser-known Burgundies
Don’t let corn be a summer sideshow. Grill it for a salad!
VIDEO: Poughkeepsie native back home as Edible Arrangements president
Bits & Bites
An intense — and only slightly virtuous — after-school treat
VIDEO: Hudson Valley Cider Festival highlights local specialty
Why buy when DIY produces healthier, cheaper peanut butter?
For crazy weeknights, dinner in a bag that isn’t takeout
VIDEO: Festival brings Latin food, sounds and fun to Poughkeepsie
Area A&P locations remain open, but future unclear
Bits & Bites
Ready for a bold take on refreshing bubbles? Try makgeolli
Why order out when mastering great steaks at home is easy?
Acme Markets looks to buy two area A&P locations
Purchasing Brasserie 292, Fells aims to 'add back to' Poughkeepsie
Embracing a new grain for a fresh take on bibimbap bowls
Serving breakfast for dinner, with a bit of pasta in the mix
Sausages and potatoes become serious comfort on the grill
Send your videos on how you prepare corn
Bits & Bites
Learn to love gochujang with this versatile, intense butter
A rich Korean-influenced burger paired with refreshing melon
10 fresh, fast ideas for using Korean gochujang chili paste
You won’t miss the meat or cheese in these hearty burritos
VIDEO: Firefly Feast celebrates local ties to food
You had no idea pasta this easy could pack this much flavor
The flavors of ceviche and shrimp cocktail, together at last
Embracing the bracingly delicious flavor of Korean kimchee
Get to know buckwheat, a flavorful grain perfect for summer
Rhinebeck’s Grand Cru bustles with good cheer, sips, eats
Wine: 6 everyday wines at modest prices
Armagnac a gem of a brandy
West Main deserves your attention
Fueled by heat-seeking Americans, Korean cuisine is now hot
Pump up the flavor of grilled chicken with Korean Gochujang
Rosé all day equals happiness
Rid the gluten from your pizza with this easy chickpea crust
Matcha green tea gives flavorful boost to banana “ice cream”
Nic-L-Inn a satisfying secluded spot
Soft-shell crabs have a narrow window of delicious. Seize it
VIDEO: What's the best way to cook corn?
Aubergines are beautiful, and tasty, too
Wine: Get adventurous with Italian white wines
One-at-a-time cocktails kill a summer party. Think pitchers!
Making the most of summer’s vegetable glut with a Cobb salad
Bits & Bites
Fair food favorites; What's yours?
Foster's Coach House temporarily closes amid restructuring
Ribfest brings barbecue pitmasters to New Paltz
A little quinoa here and there can improve almost any dish
Two easy, tasty recipes to help you get to know kohlrabi
Bits & Bites
Quick and filling grilled veg salad built on a base of farro
A fuss-free grilled chicken that doesn’t skimp on flavor
Need healthy, grill-ready treats? You need grilled plantains
Review: The Falcon delivers goods on eats and tunes
Ditch rice; go with a new grain for better stuffed peppers
A “burger” of a different sort. A Middle Eastern shish kebab
It’s time to get over your unfounded fears of turkey burgers
Satisfy those afterschool munchies with something crunchy
Bits & Bites
A wine road trip offers delightful choices
Real Southern barbecue has many guises
Is hard root beer a trend that will last?
A grilled take on fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade
How to do right by summer’s bounty of luscious tomatoes
Wine: 5 wines to stretch your repertoire on a budget
When the apple itch strikes, bust out this easy baked treat
VIDEO: Festa Italiana brings food and tradition to Poughkeepsie
Less can be more when it comes to great fresh tomato sauce
Bits & Bites
What your chop or steak really needs is an easy, warm salad
Rosh Hashanah: Chasing the memory of a perfect noodle kugel
Howell: Gewürztraminer wines famed for spiciness
Malty British Pale Ale is a true delight
Stock your freezer with fruit while you can, and make pops!
Simple trick for stellar chops
Make pick-your-own experience a family affair
Easy veg skewers for back-to-school nights that aren’t easy
Homemade apple cider doughnuts a fall treat
When millennials go legal, wine is the choice
VIDEO, PHOTOS: Local alternatives take stage at Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest
Can, preserve bounty in season for extended use
Bits & Bites
Time to banish the not-chicken-again weeknight dinner blues
Want a better pork chop? Add a bit of bourbon and some flame
Saigon Pho tasteful and adventurous
A bit of acid and fat do wonders to amp the flavor of fish
Prep ahead for family meals during busy week
Not all baked treats are diet busters. Enter mini popovers!
VIDEO: Craft beer fest invokes brewer Matthew Vassar
Perfect nooks and crannies make DIY English muffins worth it
Ready to embrace better bread? Try a robust grain-fig loaf
Apple cider doughnuts taste like fall
Turning a bonanza of brown bananas into a gingery bread
Take your breakfast to a new level with DIY toaster pastries
Bits & Bites
Howell: Ease into autumn with Italian red
4 ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need for great soup
VIDEO: Garlic Festival offers a twist on the "stinking rose"
Ditch the dairy to make the most flavorful, creamy soup
This fall, get French onion soup off the stove, onto a grill
It’s time to get reacquainted with comforting tomato soup
Bits & Bites
52 Main, a destination for a tapas experience
Easy breakfast bowls are another reason to cook up quinoa
VIDEO: Greek Festival traditions attract every walk of life
Even you can master a restaurant-quality seared pork chop!
A simple Cuban marinade can add big punch to easy oven fries
VIDEO: Restaurateurs, food purveyors connect for Restaurant Week kickoff
Bits & Bites
Sweet potato greens a lush treat
5 wines to kick off fall sipping
Mastering the easy art of cooking dried beans from scratch
It’s the season for black and orange... Now in a salad
Wine: 4 whites, 4 reds worth your consideration
Sadly, no recipe for pureed bass in first Vitamix cookbook
Recipe: Turn brats into easy baked pasta
Sip your way through homegrown distilleries
Bits & Bites
Blind tastings can help identify new favorites
Pumpkin makes savory Indian pakoras
Lidia offers ‘master class’ on Italian food
Wine: 5 wines to kick off fall sipping
Add persimmon to your culinary repertoire
VIDEO: Summit assists craft beverage makers with business pitfalls
Tradition spans a lifetime
Flavors of fall meld in easy recipe
VIDEO: Riverfront Oktoberfest fuses German tradition, local cuisine
Pumpkin popularity unlikely to wane
Bits & Bites
Pumpkin bread is all about sugar and spice
Vegan chef Tal Ronnen sacrifices animal products, not taste
Entertaining a gaggle of ghouls? Time to dress up popcorn
Lighten up Thanksgiving with lighter bacon Brussels sprouts
A scary good chocolate cupcake gets dressed up mummy-style
FoodieHV.com brings restaurants, breweries right to your screen
Niagara wines, spirits worth the trip
Bits & Bites
West Main Kitchen and Bar creative place to relax
Cook the apples, lose the gap! Mastering a better apple pie
You won’t miss the meat or bread in this veg-rich oven hash
Local cuisines brought together for fundraiser
VIDEO: Younger crowds a goal during Restaurant Week
Whatever the variety, winter squash is versatile
Bits & Bites
Can’t decide between spoonbread and corn pudding? Do both!
Wine: Balletto family wines worth a try
Woodstock ‘A-list’ caterer crafts fun new book
Take the mystery out of Thanksgiving math
Take a gluten-free baking class before holidays
DIY or canned, leftover cranberry sauce makes great pancakes
Don’t settle for dull gravy. Learn how to crank the flavor
VIDEO: Festival merges chocolate confections, Red Hook history
Ready for your Thanksgiving turkey 101? We’ve got your back
One-pot meal bolstered by cornbread
How to eat, drink and be thankful with fun holiday cocktails
Celebrate Diwali with festive recipes
Bits & Bites
Moving meringue beyond lemons in this delicious pumpkin pie
4 California wines are worthy of consideration
Raise holiday cheer, funds for needy at benefit
G-free birthday cake options are plentiful
Not feeding a crowd this Thanksgiving? Roast a turkey breast
Chickpea cookies? Kind of. But you’d never know it by taste
At Hanukkah take latkes on a delicious global flavor journey
Cut down the fat in mashed potatoes
At Thanksgiving, learn to love savory side of sweet potatoes
Find deals on Bordeaux reds
Oil or cheese at Hanukkah? These dumplings embrace both
Hard to beat a great date to meet all you gift-giving needs
Decadent treats pair up for Wine & Chocolate Festival
Unique gifts for those who sip
Heat up the holidays by making batches of hot sauce as gifts
Got a holiday kitchen disaster? We’ve got a fix for that!
A cheesy, spicy cracker that’s good enough to give as gifts
Feel festive, stay frugal with these vine values under $15
Birthday meal a tribute to the French
Capture the flavor and comfort of cassoulet in a healthy way
Amenia chef conquers Food Network's 'Chopped'
Ready to upgrade your cookie baking? We’ve got your pro tips
12 essential wines for entertaining
Preserved lemons are a delicious kitchen gift worth the wait
Cookie Jar: Mocha Gingerbread Brigadeiros
Cookie Jar: Pumpkin Bread Biscotti
Cookie Jar: Mexican Tortilla Cut Outs
Culinary students get crash course in military cooking
Kale salad shines with seasonal additions
Bits & Bites
Bring stuffed mushrooms into the modern era (and to a party)
Oatmeal raisin cookies, a treat all year
Cookie Jar: Rainbow Butter Cookies
Naturally healthy, impressively delicious, cioppino delivers
Beer Man: Flavorful Grains of Truth, Gnomegang are standouts
Cookie Jar: Roasted Toasted Shortbread
Holiday samosas? Indeed! Just add mushrooms and walnuts
Ready to banish dull roasts? We jazzed up a basic pork loin
Cookie Jar: Chocolate Rye Spice Crinkles
Sauternes is sweet, pricey
Bits & Bites
Cookie Jar: Secret Honey Nut Cookies
Cookie Jar: Bourbon cherry bars.
VIDEO: Culinary Institute launches campus brewery Friday
Cookie Jar: Coconut-Chai Meringue Breakaway
A holiday roast doesn’t need to be beef or bird. Try salmon!
Add these goodies to gluten-free holiday list
Roasted duck is easier _ and more delicious _ that you think
VIDEO: CIA, Brooklyn Brewery tap into craft beer
Redeeming the salad as a delicious part of a holiday meal
Bits & Bites
When made right, fruitcake anything but a doorstop
Want an easy, festive Christmas dinner? You want beef roast
Drink in the Christmas spirit with these picks
Some days fruit is enough. Other days chocolate is needed
Cookie Jar: Dirty Snowballs
Cookie Jar: Toasted Mint-Marshmallow Brownies
Cookie Jar: Spiced Maple-Chestnut Clusters
Frogmore Tavern offers enticing ambiance and menu
Cookie Jar: Pistachio, Orange and Date Nankatai
Cookie Jar: No-Bake Haystack Cookies
‘Chopped’ winner Mizrahi shares Shepherd’s Pie recipe
Bits & Bites, 12/23
Warm up with easy-to-make onion soup
Bits & Bites, 12/30
New Year’s Eve time to celebrate with good eats
Serve this pumpkin cheesecake hot
Wine: Australia’s Yalumba wines worth a try for the holidays
Eat legumes for good luck in new year
For true and still healthy decadence, try a maple budino
Taste test: Next generation of fake meats, eggless mayo
No plans to reopen Soul Dogs in Poughkeepsie
Bits & Bites, 1/6
Are you ready for chicken breasts that aren’t bone dry?
After months of heavy eating, lighten up with taste of Thai
Feast of 7 fishes gets Hawaiian treatment
Clean Slate Riesling is versatile, crisp
Easy slow cooker Chili that lives up to the hype
With a few tricks, baked egg rolls can be as good as fried
Gluten-free athletes need to power up, too
Steamed whole fish? No. Baking it in foil is easier, tastier
Special Double Cream Stout sits at top of class
A Super Bowl mind meld: Guac and potato skins in one bite!
Chicken salad recipe pure comfort food
Bits & Bites, 1/13
Congee: A fresh, flavorful way to eat rice any time of day
Misunderstood merlot strikes a powerful punch
Keep the crisp, lose the labor in these Super Bowl wings
Coq au Vin a hearty French stew
Hardee's celebrated as Poughkeepsie opening nears
Porco Fresh Cafe offers thoughtful dining
Easy tips for making a tastier, healthier turkey chili
Tomatillo salsa offers a fresh approach to poaching salmon
Small steps key in maintaining New Year's diet
Wine: Flavorful wines to add to your collection
Bits & Bites, 1/20
Class project produces local brews
Don’t just dip. For serious Super Bowl comfort food, hot dip
Liver for the Super Bowl? No! But bacon-wrapped dates? Yes!
Staying home on Valentine’s Day is easy with these scallops
Whatever your thirst, slake it at Underground
A little beer is a lot of flavor in these Super Bowl sliders
A microwaved muffin in a mug may be just the treat you need
Like some heat with your sweet? Try Mexican-spiced brownies
10 fresh takes on mastering easy dinners with a box of pasta
Kohlrabi a versatile vegetable
Nine hacks to help you drink better wine by drinking it better
Bits & Bites, 1/27
Take the leap into baking with chocolate
Do Valentine’s Day your own way with chai spice truffles
Give your party mix a classy overhaul
Wine: 8 new wines offer lots of tasting opportunities
Bits & Bites, 2/3
A vegan squash dish that’s bold enough to please meat eaters
A slice of white bread is the trick to healthier Oscars food
Nitrogen enhances flavor in Samuel Adams beers
Turn Louisiana’s boudin sausage into drive-worthy experience
Patience pays off when it comes to the best yeast rolls
Pasta with lobster a romantic dish for special day
With Popeyes opening, mixed feelings on incoming chains
Puff pastry hors d’oeuvres for the pastry impaired home cook
Four simple hacks for making a leaner and tastier beef roast
Mini lemon curd cups are an easy way to add dessert elegance
For your Oscar party, embrace India’s favorite street food
Champagne for Valentine’s Day, and any occasion
Homemade chicken soup for when there’s no time for homemade
Want easy elegance for an Oscars party? Go with crostini
Soul satisfying recipe, simple ingredients but complex taste
7 steps to pairing great wines with hearty winter roasts
Winter drinks warm in winter
Master homemade teriyaki sauce
Slow cookers bring out the best in pork and Indian flavors
Ribollita: Peasant fare fit for a king
Southwestern slow cooker stew is simple and healthy
NY maple syrup can liven up recipes
Well-seasoned leg of lamb is perfect for weekend meals
Pork loin is transformed with simple ingredients
Discover the delicious benefits of petite beef sirloin
A delicious love child of brownies and pudding
Three port wines to try this season
Vibrant green herb sauce is salmon dish’s secret
Simple cabbage – when combined with bacon – is anything but
Rogue, Black Husky offer strong, high-quality beers
A rice-free stir-fry for a healthy take on the Asian classic
The secret to the richest chocolate cake ever? Think Guinness!
Five BIG red wines
Mix up your hummus game with carrot puree
Pulled pork with just six ingredients?
Greek chicken dinner cooked low and slow
Marist chef wins award for his Falafel Waffle
Master this sweet-and-spicy glaze for an Easter ham
Celebrate those who helped create stout beer
Get a jump on spring with white wine
Consider cottage cheese for a tasty cake
Stop stirring, bake your polenta instead
Craft beer boom spurs demand for local barley malt
Polenta an ancient recipe with many uses
Easter dinner surprise: butter roasted radishes
This Easter, bring new life to the old standard spring lamb
2014 Oregon pinot noirs already shine
Eggs Benedict, rethinking a favorite Easter brunch
Baked chicken dinner can be your weeknight meal solution
Leave the gluten-free baking to local cooks
Suzie's Starlight, a slice of comfort and home
Avocado goes far beyond guacamole
Sausage, surprising easy to make
Bits & Bites, 3/30
Indian pilau recipe features spring veggies
Chicken and paprika make find comfort food
Creative, delicious things to make with your slow cooker
For foolproof baked salmon, reach for foil
How you cut an onions makes a big difference
Fort Collins Brewery offers smooth, tantalizing beers
Good values can be found in red Burgundy wines
Roasted potatoes complement leg of lamb
Spring’s return means enjoying greens again
Joan Nathan to appear at Rivertowns’ Jewish Cultural Festival
YOLO Bistro, serving up thoughtful and innovative delights
Squeezing lemons and getting the most flavor
Serving fruit for dessert can be both virtuous and decadent
Local author offers non-meat protein options
For a comforting chicken dish, look to Indian kadhi
There are many ways to enjoy gin
Stellar whites for chardonnay fans
Bits & Bites, 4/13
Matzo lasagna a vegetarian Passover entree for everyone
Culinary spots abound in Bronx’s Arthur Avenue
Spring into nutrition and slip into that bikini
Ramp up spring meals with wild ramps
Make a vegan Caesar salad worth celebrating
Cut into a better Passover brisket
Greek chicken soup is rich and tangy
Spinach, artichoke risotto a taste of spring
10 ideas to add big flavor to a roasted chicken
Horseradish delivers a bold kick
3 tips for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day
International tastes abound at New Paltz Wine & Food Festival
Wines of the world showcased at Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz
Pangea, a ‘vegetable forward’ restaurant at the CIA
Bits & Bites, 4/27
Morty's kosher-style deli in Poughkeepsie to open in June
This Mother’s Day, consider an epically delicious roasted bird
A resurrection of a ‘Silver Palate’ classic recipe
When it comes to chicken & waffles, sky’s the limit
Howell: This Malbec is stunning, affordable
Melissa d'Arabian: Vegetarian salade nicoise recipe
Bits & Bites, 5/4
Thought that goes into food makes it special
3 mint julep recipes for Derby Day
Walk over Walkway to raise gluten-free awareness
Howell: 10 white wines for warm weather
Subtle flavor makes white asparagus worth search
Hudson Valley home to award-winning beers
Try these wines with food from the grill
Bits & Bites, 5/11
Whole grains add depth to three-bean salad
Roasted chickpeas, grilled cheese make a robust salad
Biercafe adds European tastes to Fishkill
Raise a glass to bourbon-fried pound cake
Bring eggplant parmigiana into warm weather with the grill
Fresh peas combine in pasta dish for spring treat
The healthy burger that may make even carnivores opt for veg
Add Trivento, Ninety+ wines to your wine list
End Cut, a touch of French and Italian fusion
Grilled vegetables put a new spin on shrimp salad
Refried edamame opens a world of possibilities
A leg of lamb that’ll have guests reaching for seconds
Potato salad gets a South Indian twist
Bits & Bites, 5/25
Food reigns supreme at Festa Italiana
The Poughkeepsie Grind sets eye on coffee lovers
Bits & Bites, 5/18
13 burger recipes for your Memorial Day cookout
Zingy salad makes for a fast, healthy picnic lunch
A summer spin on the grilled cheese sandwich
Your aviation cocktail can’t take flight? Try a layover
When the ‘world’ came to Queens, so did ‘Bel-Gem’ Waffles
Beer Man: Redhook, Surly strike middle ground with summer ales
Bits & Bites, 6/1
Bruschetta, 3 ways, for a satisfying picnic main dish
Try a guilt-free dessert with a pear and chocolate crumble
Valley’s farmers markets ripe with gluten-free goods
Bits & Bites, 6/8
Coconut embedded in my list of go-to ingredients
Chicken & baby artichokesmeet on the grill
‘Lost Recipes’ tells story of bygone restaurants, inns
Howell: Dry Rosés’ popularity increases
Culinary workshop offers free business advice
Recipe: Cinnamon berry shortcake isn’t short on flavor
Recipe inspired by New York City street food
Doughnut puffs make a childhood treat extra special
Farro, raw asparagus combine for a hearty summer salad
Bits & Bites, 6/15
First call: Sunday brunch liquor sales move to 10 a.m.
Good wines can be inside a box
Menus of Change 'moving the dial' on food sustainability
Tales of the "Rabbit and Turtle"
CIA tackles food deserts, sustainability in Hudson Valley
Moulton: Scallops take center stage
Wood chips adds sweet, smoky flavor to brisket
In Rhinebeck, wafts of beer, bourbon and bacon in the air
Recipe: Chicken sandwich gets a redux
Recipe: Cardamom scented banana bread
Bits & Bites, 6/22
Local Rabbi brings Hudson Valley, kosher fare to 'Chopped'
Head south to Yonkers Brewing Co. for good fare
Recipe: Pinapple Juice Marinated Salmon
Zoe's takes ice cream from 'cow to cone'
Beer Man: Merry Monks excels as Belgian-style tripel
Recipe: Creamy Buffalo Potato Salad
Morty's Delicatessen to open in August
Bits & Bites, 6/29
Greek wines extend beyond retsina
Roasting tomatoes deepens the flavor of gaspacho
Arepas taste great plain, stuffed or topped
Recipe: Atlantic Beach Pie
Recipe: Sweet Potato Salad with Black Beans
Pair stone fruits, jam for a summer dessert
Smoking your own ribs as easy as grilling them
Juicy, dirty wines that won’t bust your budget
Bits & Bites, 7/6
Recipe: Summer Berry Fool
Recipe: Brazilian Style Succotash
Le Petit Bistro, approachable French cuisine
Thank you, farmers, for fruits of your labors
d’Arabian: Homemade pickles
Kale chips have met their match
Poughkeepsie to get four chain restaurants in 2016
White, rose wines a good choice during warmer months
Recipe: Herbed salmon over salad a dish to crave
Bits & Bites, 7/13
In summer, nothing beats iced coffee
Recipe: Date - Almond Balls
Essie's Restaurant brings Hudson Valley fare, global flair
Recipe: Crispy buttermilk soaked pork chops
Recipe: Microwaved version of claypot fish is legit delicious
Hudson Valley Cider Festival draws new tastes to craft beverages
A long tradition of artisanal vinegar thrives in Union Vale
Bits & Bites, 7/20
Make the most of summer with these eats and seats
Beer Man: Dark cherries make Imperial Red Ale a summer treat
Recipe: Bake-ahead Morning Egg Cups
Stuffed eggs rescue lunch box
Support local farms - pick your own!
Chipotle looking toward summer 2017 opening
Issues in Hudson Valley agriculture discussed ahead of farm bill
Recipe: Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms
Bits & Bites, 7/27
Grill fish and fruit for an appealing summer dish
Savor these gems for superb aroma, flavor
Find out why classic Swiss fondue never went out of style
Hot dogs - one of America's favorite food's gone gourmet
Carrots go from boring to zesty after a visit to Morocco
In the face of rain, foodies choose to feast
Use season’s bounty to can jams
Good-cooking mantra: Less is more
Bits & Bites, 8/3
A little effort yields big results with grilled lamb chops
A fresh take on Caprese salad
Shrimp, hearts of palm an appealing combo
Recipe: Grilled lobster tail with Pastis creme
Buying wine? Don’t be overwhelmed
Baking donuts makes them a healthier alternative
Zucchini and summer squash make a flavorful “pasta” dish
Bits & Bites, 8/10
El Azteca delivers big flavors and great service
Morty's brings kosher-style fare to Poughkeepsie
Use foil pack technique for tender fish tacos
Tomatoes are the stars of chilled BLT soup
These wines pair well with casual meals
Bits & Bites 8/17
Not your everyday green bean salad
Canadian white wines great for summer sipping
Korean cooking made simple?
Chef’s Corner: Cachaca has a wide range of aromas, tastes
Dutchess Fair milkshakes provide a local taste
Yogurt cheese puts fresh summer herbs to good use
Lemon juice makes a chicken and potato bake into a breeze
Ribfest highlights the best of summer barbecue
Bits& Bites, 8/24
Give grilled skirt steak an extra kick
Columbia Winery offers solid wines with good taste, value
Cool summer salads a breeze to make
Dutchess County Fair opens, celebrates unique foods
SporkRun highlights unusual foods at Dutchess County Fair
Brazilian dubbel is tasty treasure
Bits & Bites, 8/31
Thai pork curry pulls people to the dinner table
Tomatoes do double duty in coconut rice
Diverse rosés sway naysayers
Chicken salad complemented by fresh fruits, greens
Spicy shrimp dish, heat tamed by orange juice
Blueberries and cream ice pops are refreshing summer treat
Carrot and quinoa treats great for snack or breakfast
Peak season for Mexican grilled corn
Leave the driving to Hudson Valley Craft Beer Tours
Asian-inspired tuna salad
Bits & Bites, 9/7
Italian cake, Torta di Mele, a taste of fall in a pan
Bits & Bites 9/14
Golden Corral opening delayed to November
Texas Roadhouse to open in October
Beer steamed burger, poblano and cheese top it off
Earl Gray lemon teacakes minimize the guilt
Hudson River Craft Beer Festival showcases local tastes
In the Hudson Valley, expenses leave little for savings
Grandmother’s apple cake signals fall
Bits & Bites, 9/21
Appreciate the taste of late-summer corn
Lemon bar fans, you know who you are
Beer Man: Surly puts own spin on Octoberfest
Kickoff highlights Hudson Valley Restaurant Week
Garlic Festival expected to draw thousands
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